Mail & Guardian visits the Olifants Catchment

Sipho Kings the Mail & Guardian's environment reporter with AWARD Executive Director Dr. Sharon Pollard.

Sipho Kings the Mail & Guardian's environment reporter says he has always been disturbed by the water quality problem faced by the Olifants Catchment.

In an interview with Association for Water and Rural Development (AWARD) recently Kings said that he has always known that this catchment is under threat and has been for a long time especially with issues of water quality because of numerous mines around the catchment.

“Coming to AWARD to talk with scientists who do the actual testing and collect the data from the rivers confirmed the known fact that mines are polluting the water at a high level” he said.

He indicated that as journalists they always get anecdotal comments from people saying they are getting sick because of the polluted water but getting this information about how polluted the rivers are  from scientist is very helpful and more credible.

Mail & Guardian came to AWARD to try and get what solutions or assistance AWARD is providing in the catchment to make it a better place especially with regard to water quality problems.

Sipho interviewed AWARD Executive Director Dr. Sharon Pollard, Bio monitoring Technician Thabo Mohlala and Researcher Hugo Retief as AWARD water team, in an effort to get their involvement in solving the problem with water quality in the catchment.

Talking about the water pollution in rivers he  said that it is unfair that people have a care free mentality polluting the rivers that do not affect South Africa only but cross to other countries as well such as Mozambique.