CSO Indaba Consolidated Vision Cycle 3

Working togetherManaging our wasteAccess to clean waterCare for our natural resourcesImproving our skills and ability to do thingsGetting young people involvedMaking sure we remain healthyVisionMaking a living in our catchmentReducing dependency on miningEnough food for everyoneBeing honest and transparentInvolvement in catchment accountabilityEnsuring good service delivery
UCCSO involved in the catchmentHot spot polluted parts of the catchmentTo see the stream clean and damsOn all sides of the river, dams and wetlands to have indigenous trees and ever green (planting of trees)To see the young people at school like varsity to those who passed their matricProjects from the youthClinic project that will monitor the catchmentCome up with a long term strategyCreate job opportunities for cleaning of the catchmentSlowed miningOrganic farming practicesGet rid of illegal dealing in water  
UCCommunity participation in the programme activitiesAll industrial, mining and economy impacting the catchmentFull of water that is not contaminatedRemoval of water wasteful plantsMonitoring school   Employment/job creation by cleaning and collecting all alien plant  Reduced illegal land use activities  
UCInvolved traditional leaders, youth and everyoneMonitoring and evaluation of the cleanness of the catchmentFree of chemicals and hazardous substancesDevelopment of eco-villagesTo have areas that are closed off, like parks where people come in and are trained on how to preserve the environment   Green jobs     
UCA more cohesive vision where communities within the catchment would like for their futureBetter sewerage managementTo see that people are drinking clean waterAlien plants not to be there    Creation of jobs for the people to monitor those who are causing water pollution     
UC No waste/zero wasteUsed to supply water to the neighboring villages which does not have waterFull of diversity of life (animal and plant species)    A catchment that provides a source of livelihood wood for people living in the area     
UC To be clean and in lifeClean water for healthy peopleLife in the rivers    Increased diversity of livelihoods.     
UC Clean environment for the coming generationSafe and clean waterThe Olifants catchment full of life - fish, frogs and other water life    Development of green initiatives     
UC  I would like to see an Olifants without pollutantsGreen plant          
UC  Improved river water qualityPlanting indigeous plants.           
UC   I want to see change that will not harm the environment          
MC Less carbon emissionsWetlands and rivers as well as dams clean and monitored for community and public usageRemoval of gum treesTransfer of skills development and community awareness campaigns on the impacts and solutionsYouth infrastructure programs (Monitoring, cleaning, advocacy awareness and video clips)No longer having diseases that are caused by water pollution and airpollution Water program to provide employment by clearing invasive alien plants Promotion of small scale agricultural projectsWorkshop on policiesWaste material and sewage leakages being monitored all the timesI want to see every road it is on standard
MC Through the IDP budget, we want to be accommodated about waste collectionRiver cleaning projects Capacity development for the CSOs and communitiesActive youthGood sanitation Creating jobs for communities with the above projects Provide our animals with safe place and drinkable waterLegal ClinicMonitoring of mines and power stations/industries to comply with the law set upon themThe role party must make a quality houses
MC Having specific spots where people can litterClean running water that are in our yards Access to programs and projects   I want to see everyone have plans to maintain himself  Open cases have evidenceEnforce complianceWater and electricity
MCStart mapping and documenting storiesAt least at the end we can have bins around our areas where we can put pampers and papers to clean our environmentHaving a suitable place where people can do their laundry     Employment of River Rangerss  Quality court/ green scorpionsConnection between government and environment 
MCHave combination of all the CSOs (Lower, Upper and MiddleWe would like ot see our Olifants River having more water and also a clean waterAccess to water for house purposes also for agriculture     Unemployment being reduced  Build a legal clinic groupPeople, mostly those who contaminates our rivers must comply 
MCCreate awareness campaigns for the OlifantsMore rains to clean the dirty that are on the rivers nowIf we can have tools so that we can know how to clean our water and drink clean waterin the future     Equality between rich and poor  Strategies for transforming and improving access to justice for community and rural area (mobilizing, organizing, raising awareness and documenting/ reporting  
MCCommunity ParticipationToxic Tours-community affected visitsWe would like to see our river growing        Create low enforcement to look on the Olifants catchment  
MC  Cleaning Olifants every 3 months        Justice implemented on favor of our rivers  
MC  Sustained cleanness of the Olifants           
LCBusinesses, local communities and environment work togetherNo pollutionNo water contaminationIndigenous plant species (greater plant biodiversity)Environmental education in the community and tribal authorityOpportunities for our youthRecreational activities for everyone (communities, tourists) Greater employment opportunities with environment (not destructiveMinimum sand mining and beneficial to communitiesNo more dying of animalsRegulations on deforestationLegislated (compliant plantation)Prevention of erosion of our roads
LCStrengthen the relationship between stakeholdersNo dumpingClean waterRemoving alien plants e.g. GuavaEducating not to pollute water   Resources for livelihood (not for economic gain only)Compliance of sand miningCommunity to plough next to the catchmentSuccessful communities (responsible, law wise and abiding)Mines compliant with legislationWWTW (effluent compliant)
LCCommunity and environment symbiotic and progressiveNo litter and toxic wasteEverybody has access to waterAwareness of connection to natureGreater environment legislation awareness   Community based tourism which leads to enterprise development and employmentTransition to renewable sources of energy (alternatives to miing coal power stations)Food security A catchment with accountable and responsible stakeholders for environment sustainabilityProper sewage infrastructure
LCCommunities and homes are self sustaining and work together with each otherCleaner air (less air pollution)Healthy continuous stream flowsCare for the environemtnEducating community about environment issues   Sustainable community livelihoods Healthy crop yields Money reserved for river maintenance in municipalities (IDPs) 
LCGreater consultation with communities (with regard to any land use development eg mining)Cleaning campaign along catchment areaClean waterRehabilitation of riversCapacity building (skills development and environmental awareness     Sustainable development (farming for community/ big scale farmers and agriculture and sustainable harvesting of resources)   
LCGreater cooperation between communities and NGOs/ governmentDumping of nappies to be eliminated Ecosystem based adaptation projects (range land management, alien clearing, ecosystem restoration and tree propagation)Regular and ongoing workshop to build capacity in the tribal leaders     Garden in every yard/ schools   
LC Creation of safe dumping sites Improved nature conservation          
LC Signs prohibiting dumping in open areas            
LC Pollution free catchment